5 best plant-based vegan subscription boxes for 2022

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There are many advantages to eating meat-free meals, and animal welfare, health issues, and environmental challenges are among the main reasons why so many people are switching to a vegan diet.

But it’s not a simple task, just like with any significant lifestyle change. Only 61% of last year’s Veganuary participants maintained a completely vegan diet for the entire month.

When vegan meal kits are used, the stress associated with food shopping, coming up with menu ideas, and preparing delicious vegetables is eliminated. Some of our favorites are listed here.

Vegan meal plan from Simply Cook

Simply Cook’s letterbox-sized meal packages offer the ideal feast with fifteen vegan recipes, including the mouthwatering-sounding chickpea kofta flatbreads, Iranian vegetable stew, and Quorn keema matar. Four recipe cards and the necessary spices or seasonings for each meal are included in each package. Fresh produce must be purchased from your neighborhood supermarket, but with clear instructions, you’ll be in and out quickly.

Vegan Meal Plan by Mindful Chef

The ideal option for people trying to eat healthier is Mindful Chef, which guarantees that none of its dishes contain refined carbohydrates, sweets, or inexpensive filler ingredients. As a result, you’ll feel satisfied for longer owing to fresh, seasonal food. You will currently receive £10 off your first two boxes because each discount code is being applied separately at the checkout. The best part, though, is that for every vegan meal purchased, another vegan meal is given to a child in need.

Meal Plan for Gousto Vegans

We can rely on something if Joe Wicks thinks it’s good enough. Additionally, since Gousto’s vegan recipes are updated every week, you may always find your favorite veggie-filled dishes. Most of the time, all you need to bring is a little salt and pepper, which we can all manage. Next on our list to try are the crispy baked tacos with refried beans and pineapple salsa!

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Vegan Meal Plan from AllPlants

As the name implies, everything on the AllPlants menu is vegan, so there’s no need to worry about reading ingredient labels to make sure there isn’t any hidden milk or butter. And you don’t even need to be a good cook to make these dishes; they are all prepared and frozen so you can have a fuss-free dinner in a matter of minutes.

Graze Vegan Meal Plan


Look no further than Graze for all of your sweet, savory, and in-between treat needs if it’s snacks you’re after. It simply discredits that bag of salt-and-vinegar crisps.
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