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Aldo Kane, a world-record-breaking explorer, and former Royal Marines Commando Sniper has partnered with Manor London (where he often trains) to share advice on how to stay motivated and physically active while under lockdown. Aldo has experience working in some of the most challenging, hostile, and isolated locations in the TV and film industries. He has also participated in 13 World First missions. His mental game is stronger than most because he spent 10 days alone, isolated in a nuclear bunker three stories below ground, with no contact with the outside world, and he’s here to teach you and share his top advice.

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1. Make a daytime plan the night before

Create a realistic list of personal and fitness-related tasks. We all require routine and discipline when we’re alone. Keep in mind that easy things are also simple not to do. Tick off each item as you complete it on the list. Write down any actions you took that weren’t on the list and then check them off. These little victories serve to emphasize success and maintain a positive outlook.

2. Make your bed when you get up.

Although it might seem clear, the majority ignore it. Make sure everyone knows that this is the beginning of your day by being disciplined. Although it may appear simple, it reveals a lot about a person. Set an alarm and lay out your exercise gear the night before. Simply get up when it goes off, put your outfit on, and finish it right away. You then have the rest of the day to yourself.

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3. Simplify it and put it in writing.

Mid-term and short-term objectives give you a benchmark against which to measure your progress. I might tell myself, for instance, that by the end of the week, I’ll be able to run continuously for one mile. You can create attainable small victories by breaking them down once more, and by putting them in writing, you hold yourself accountable.

4. Adhere to the “15-minute rule”

Put your running shoes on and give yourself 15 minutes on the run/circuit if you don’t feel like exercising. If after 15 minutes you decide you still don’t want to train then fair enough…it rarely happens.

5. Train with others virtually

Association can be both strong and subtle. You’ll find that being [virtually] surrounded by positive individuals who share your values inspires and uplifts you. It becomes simple to skip training if you’re virtually hanging out with the wrong crowd. Find a strong team, choose a time, and communicate with one another at that time each day. Everyone will want to attend if it is an online event.

6. Keep checking on yourself and your progress

Accountability is important. Take a moment to reflect on where you have come from before getting caught up in the here and now or worrying about how big or far away the goal is. Whether you make the most of this time or not depends on how you choose to move forward.

7. Head outdoors.

Exercise outside has been shown to be beneficial for both physical and mental health. One does not exist without the other. When it comes to motivation, daylight and exercise are kings, but make sure to stick to the most recent government recommendations.

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8. Make an effort to take action each day.

Our bodies were designed to be active and used.

Vary your program to keep it interesting and if you’re getting bored, change it up.

9. Establish a routine and cut back on calories and alcohol.

When we are alone, we are far less active than usual. Therefore, we require fewer calories. We can make significant progress in both areas—exercise and diet—by eating healthfully. Naturally, the temptation is increased, and we all enjoy snacking, but try to maintain a consistent eating schedule each day and maintain a routine. just as you would in the office or during a “typical” workweek.

10. Construct the inner citadel

Spend 20 to 30 minutes each day improving your flexibility, mobility, and mental clarity. A strong mind is necessary for a strong body. Focus and breathe. Allow your feelings to come out. When living in a fast-paced society, we tend to hold a lot of stress and anxiety inside of our bodies without really dealing with it. Allow these to arise during this time, comprehend them, sit with them, and then let them go.

In situations like these, mental health is just as important as physical health. Try these 10 steps for the next 10 days and you’ll notice the change in your mindset.