11 ways to sneak more fruit into your diet

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With a recent study finding that over half of adults in the UK do not consume the required 5-a-day serving of fruits and vegetables – don’t worry, we’re all guilty! – It’s time to get more creative with healthy eating options! Scientists are even suggesting a ten-a-day recommendation these days, implying that creativity is essential whether you’re trying to tempt your tiny tots or simply entice yourself, here are some brilliant ways to hit that target…

Fiona Hunter, a nutritionist, has devised some simple ways to incorporate more fruit into your diet.

Fruit should be pureed.

Puree the fruit with a little juice to produce a compote that you can pour into basic yogurt, top with cereal, or serve as a sauce with ice cream.

Blend a smoothie

Smoothies are a healthful and delightful breakfast or snack that may be made ahead of time. Make smoothie cubes on an ice tray by pureeing your favorite fruit. They may then be frozen and kept in the freezer until needed. Mix them with low-fat natural yogurt in your Nutribullet. Work completed.

Homemade ice cream for the win!

When the weather is hot, ice lollies are a terrific way to stay cool, yet most store-bought lollies contain nothing more than water and sugar. Puree fruit with a little fruit juice to make homemade fruit lollies, then pour into an ice lolly mold and freeze. Dip them in yogurt and then in your favorite toppings, such as chopped nuts or freeze-dried raspberries, to make them even more delicious and fun.

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Make a fruit salsa.

When grilling fish or meat, serve it with fruit salsa. Roughly chop pineapple, mango, or a few peaches, then combine with cucumber, red onion, a little red chili, finely diced, and fresh mint or coriander.

Incorporate savory dishes.

Fruit can also be used in savory dishes. To make coronation chicken, use apricots or peaches. Make fruity couscous by adding roughly chopped pineapple or prunes. Prunes or apricots are also delicious in stews and Moroccan tagines. Did you know that strawberries in balsamic vinegar go perfectly with roast pork?

Banana pancakes are a healthy pancake upgrade.

Make a healthier alternative to traditional American breakfast pancakes for your weekend brunch. Make the two-ingredient pancake batter with pureed bananas and eggs, then top with a healthy berry compote when they’re done. Delicious!

Fruit may be a delicious addition to a tagine.

Instead of jam or marmalade, why not prepare a fruity spread to spread over toast in the morning? Combine finely chopped or pureed fruit with low-fat soft cheese and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

When baking, replace butter with fruit.

Fruit is also your baking buddy! Did you know that pureed prunes may replace up to 50% of the fat in baked goods? Simply combine the prunes with a little water and use this as a binding agent. It is also an excellent natural sweetener.

Remember to include jelly!

Set summer berries or other chopped fruit in jelly for a treat that youngsters will enjoy. For summer events, consider a grown-up variation by placing strawberries in champagne jelly. After all, jelly isn’t only for kids.

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Have you ever heard of fresh fruit sushi?

Think outside the box, be creative, and consider methods to make dining more enjoyable. Who said sushi had to be salty? Make your own fruit sushi – it’s a lot of fun! – or use fruit to make artwork out of your kids’ meals. Are you stuck for ideas? Pinterest is your ally. Your children will be impressed, we guarantee it.
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